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hi! we are joi.

our values

At joi cbd, we are firm believers that we are what we consume.

We have spent countless hours researching the most bio-available, beneficial CBD compounds to bring you the finest, purest form of full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate on the market. You can have trust in our brand, and feel confident that our products are made with the highest quality ingredients.

We promise to never use artificial fragrances or flavors; only those that come naturally from terpenes and essential oils.

Oh, joi.


Our products

Our products are special.

We pledge to never test on animals. We only use vegan ingredients, and locally source as many of them as we can. We use full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, respectively, to create our specialized formulas. We will work with you to find the perfect balance, and gain control of your life back.

Now that’s something to feel joi-ful about!


uncomplicated, feel-good cbd designed to help you slay your toughest days